Favourite Vintage 1930’s Vogue Covers

In the 1930’s, Vogue covers featured drawings by prominent artists of the day; Eduardo Garcia Bonito, Carl “Eric” Erickson and Georges LePage were the most favoured. It’s interesting to note that women were often shown in natural, resort-like settings.

Carl Erikson January 1932 Vogue Cover


Pierre Mourgue July 1933 Vogue Cover


Alix Zeilinger May 1934 Vogue Cover


Carl Erikson July 1934 Vogue Cover

July 1934 Carl Erikson Vogue Cover

A 1935 Vogue Cover


Eduardo Garcia Benito July 1937 Vogue Cover


Salvador Dali June 1939 Vogue Cover

Salvador Dali Vogue Cover June 1939

Carl Erickson Vogue Cover November 1939


Favourite Vintage 1920’s Vogue Covers

Fashion and beauty were certainly alive and well as evidenced by these beautiful Vogue Magazine Covers. You’ll notice that the covers featured drawings by prominent artists of the day. Look also at the many different font styles in the masthead. My favourite one is the cover featuring a woman astride what looks a peacock. Enjoy!

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