On Friendships

As time goes by, and we grow older, I believe friends become more important to us. I mean those soul-connected friends whom you may not even see very often, but when you meet, it’s like no time has passed at all.

You need to make the time to see these friends, because every day that passes is an opportunity lost to spend time with that person. Cliche though it may be, we’re not getting any younger. I was talking about this with my childhood friend, Laurel, not too long ago. Her parents and my parents were good friends and we literally grew up together. She’s a sister friend, and though she now lives in the US, we’re definitely going to make more time for each other.

I recently reconnected with another girlfriend from childhood, Dianne. We grew up together in the country just down the road from each other and grew up as close as sisters. We spent an inordinate amount of time together, always back and forth between one another’s homes, sharing clothes, double dating and getting ready to go out roller skating. Dianne is a sister friend and we now live only a few miles apart so we see each other often.

And then there’s Barb, my bosom buddy university friend; Monika, another sweet sister friend; Fran, my lovely work friend; and Lesley, my English friend. Where would we be without these wonderful people in our lives? They make time for us when we’re feeling low, and crack us up with their zany humor. Sharing, caring and loving…