The Mature Woman: In Style Fashion Looks

CW Wed

In one of my last posts I was moaning about the dearth of fashion advice and shops that cater to those of us who are aging gently.

Well, since then I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find I was wrong on both counts! While searching on the Net for age-appropriate jeans, I came across Vibrant Nation ( , a U.S. website that features fashion advice by like-minded women. And what’s more, the brands they comment on are mentioned too. They have done articles on “What to Wear After 50”, and “Best Jeans for Women Over 50”, amongst many others. And I love the name of the website, too, because it epitomizes how the mature woman wants to be seen. If any of you out there have your favourites websites, please let me know about them. I am sure there are many hidden treasures yet to be discovered. I’ll continue to search them out, too, and keep you posted.

Now, on to my favourite (local) shops! While driving around town the other week, I just about screeched to a halt when I noticed a Zacks store. They at one time had several outlets in my vicinity, but the economic downturn in the 1990″s forced some of them to close. I really thought all the branches had closed. so imagine my delight! Zacks is a local store that was established in 1921 – that’s a lot of years to be in business. Also in the same plaza is a Vivian Lee boutique, a Tweed & Hickory store ( In Canada, that’s In the same plaza, there’s an upscale shoe store named Lashbrook’s.

Onto on my shopping adventure! For my first foray into Zack’s, I purchased this neutral Conrad C blazer and Zack’s label brown patterned blouse. I already had a lovely orange scarf that toned with this outfit perfectly. The added bonus was a 25% discount on my next visit! And did I mention I got 25% off the jacket?


Obviously I wanted to return and take advantage of that discount. I had my eye on a jacket and top I had spotted on my first visit. I purchased another Conrad C blazer and Tribal multi-coloured top. Again, I had a scarf that matched the outfit very well. And I got 25% off both items!Next I purchased these beautiful SAS black patent leather loafers with silver buckle detail. Easy to dress them up or down. I love classic pieces, but sometimes with a twist, like the chartreuse jacket

Needless to say, I was delighted with my purchases. You don’t need to spend the earth to look chic. The mature, vibrant woman is alive and well!