Age-Appropriate Makeup for the Mature Woman

As we age, our hair colour and skin tone change. The older woman often requires a brand new makeup palette,,,in softer, more flattering shades. Makeup application requires a lighter touch. This applies to both foundation and eye makeup. No harsh black eyeliner anymore! So how do we achieve the fresh, dewy look we all want?

Here are a couple of tips:

ALWAYS use primer as your first step. This is especially important for women with dry skin, like me. The primer will add a dewy look to the skin and allow you to achieve a flawless application of foundation or tinted moisturizer.

Next, use spot concealer to hide age spots or imperfections.

Instead of trying to combat wrinkles with heavier foundation (this will only make wrinkles appear deeper as the foundation sinks into the skin), apply it with a light touch, blending well.

All very well, you say, but what exactly does this mean for me?

Lucky for us, then, that internationally renowned UK makeup artist Lisa Eldridge has made a series of tutorial videos (that have gone viral, by the way), for different types of makeup application. Now we can all have fresh, flawless faces! Here is her tutorial on how to apply makeup on mature skin. Enjoy!

The Mature Woman is Alive and Well!

Today I’ve added an important new category to my Blog: The Mature Woman, with sub-categories on Beauty & Makeup, and Style. For those women, like me “d’un certain age” (in their fifties, sixties and beyond), there seems to be a huge gap in the market for clothing (retailers: take note!), and articles on beauty and style.

A recent photo of me, in case you're interested.
A recent photo of me, in case you’re interested.

And, yes, just because we’re older, doesn’t mean we’ve given up the ghost. We still want to look chic and well put-together, with age-appropriate makeup.

Some posts I’ve already written, such as fit into these categories. And I’ll be writing more articles, and giving tips as we go along. I’ll repost any relevant articles I find by others. Very important to me is your Feedback. I want your take on these issues, suggestions where to shop, and your great tips.

The Mature Woman is indeed alive and well!