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Genealogy: An Adoptee’s Journey, Part 4 – Reconnecting with My Birth Family

In my last Post, Mother and Child Reunion, I detailed how I met my birth mother and birth family. This was a sad story to tell, partly because I’ll never know the name of my birth father, and also because I abruptly lost contact with my birth sisters and brothers.

Ah, but now comes the happy part of the story! A few years ago, I decided to search Facebook for the names of some of the family. Now, this is where Facebook becomes a godsend, because I managed to find the two youngest right away – a brother and a sister.

I contacted my brother, Mark, right away, explaining who I was. To my surprise he got right back to me, sharing that he remembered my long-ago visits and always wondered where I was and what I was doing. Before I knew it, we had arranged to meet at my place. Naturally, we were a little awkward with each other at first, feeling each other out, but by the end of the visit we were feeling quite comfortable with each other.

I then reached out to my sister, Heather, on Facebook. She was so warm and receptive, I knew we had to meet really soon. And so we met at my cottage which was relatively close to her home. We immediately felt right at home with each other. We discussed a family visit, which turned out to be at Mark’s place. Another brother, Sam, was also there. I cannot begin to express the joy I experienced that everyone accepted me and my husband. That fall, we all met at my place for a potluck dinner, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

At the same time, my niece, April, contacted me to be a Friend on Facebook. She had also always heard about me and wanted to know more. We corresponded for a while, and this past winter, while my husband and I were vacationing in Florida, I noticed that she and her family were also coming down. I asked her if they’d like to have lunch with us one day during their holiday. And that is how I met my brother, Pete, and his wife. Again, it was a case of everyone feeling at home with each other. Now we have plans to visit them, and for them to visit us.

What a blessing everyone I have met has been to my life!

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