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Genealogy: An Adoptee’s Journey, Part 2 – Finding my Birth Mother

As I mentioned in a previous post The Search Begins, I was now armed with my original Birth Registration. Because I had two small children, I felt it was important to know my medical background. As well, I wanted to find someone else, other than my children, who looked like me. And most adoptees, I think, can relate to the need to discover why they were given up.

Coincidentally at this time, I had come across a magazine article with tips on how to find a birth parent. One suggestion, which I decided to follow, was to place an ad in the newspaper, with details about my original name, and date and place of birth. But where to start? With so many newspapers, it would be like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack!

On a holiday that summer my ex-husband and I happened to visit the Owen Sound area. For some reason, I felt a very powerful draw to this place. (I must confess that I have had psychic twinges in my life that proved to be real). Following my instinct, I placed an ad in that town’s newspaper (the one and only ad I ever placed!), asking for replies to be sent to a box number in care of the paper.

Much to my surprise, within two weeks I received a letter response! With shaking hands, I opened the envelope. It was the reply I had been waiting for, complete with a phone number. The letter was from my birth mother’s husband (which I didn’t know at the time). Obviously, there was some need for protection of identities at this stage.

Gathering up my courage, I made the phone call that was to change my life.

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