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Betty Boop

thCA503O9KI have always been fascinated with that flirtatious flapper, Betty Boop, and her signature phrase “Boop-boop-a-doop”. Watching her black and white cartoons on Saturday morning was a favourite pastime. It seems she has never lost her appeal, judging by the number of collectibles that are for sale out there. From handbags to clothing, and everything in between, there’s something for everyone. I’m the proud owner of a Betty Boop key chain, pendant necklace and even pajama bottoms.

Here are some fun facts about this miss that may be new to you.
Did you know:

Betty began life as a dog, a French poodle to be exact, with floppy ears?

She proved to be such a popular character that she was turned into a real person, and the long ears became her earrings.

Betty’s character was based on the popular American singer Helen Kane?

Betty was first voiced by Mae Questel, a veteran of vaudeville, stage and movies?

Betty’s first movie as a person was “Betty Co-Ed” in 1932?

Max and Dave Fleisher, her animators, invented the rotoscope in 1915? This revolutionized the art of animation.

Betty first appeared as a newspaper comic strip, drawn by Bud Counihan, and distributed by King Features Syndicate, in 1934?Boopoct2334[1]

Betty Boop appeared in well over 100 animated movies between 1930 and 1939? In the 1980’s, she made an appearance in three, the last of which was “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” in 1988.

Here are some of Betty’s Boop’s lines from movies:

“I’m too pooped to boop” from The Romance of Betty Boop
“Go away, you big bad man”
“Where ya going, bunny, huh?” from Betty Boop in Blunderland


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